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we use innovation law to celebrate and protect your creations.

Fernando and Camille

We are completely focused on inventions and branding, meaning we help you file patent and trademark applications with a goal of building an intellectual property portfolio. Our law firm does not do litigation at this time.

Are you an entrepreneur? An inventor with the next great idea? Someone dedicated to building a company in pursuit of that next big thing? A branding agency that helps companies as they build a brand?

Regardless of how you identify, you understand the value of what you create. We can help you protect what you create for years to come.

we’ve got your back.

Going out on your own or building out your own idea can be intimidating, scary, and overwhelming while also being exhilarating, exciting, and hopefully, fun.

If our years as a law firm has taught us anything, it’s that a little positivity and creative strategy can go a long way to helping our entrepreneurs go forward with confidence.

We start by figuring out what could be protected, how to protect what you are doing, and empowering you with choices to make an informed decision.

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Virtually yours

virtually yours.

Functioning as a fully digital law firm has its perks.We make it easy to contact us, and we try our best to get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Unlike other firms, contacting us is free and baked into our pricing, so ask your questions! Even initial consultations are free!

Check out our client pledge for more info on how we operate.

focused in our field.

With years of experience in protecting inventions and branding, your ideas are in good hands.

The world is constantly changing, and the WD team is ready to tackle any questions that come our way (it keeps us fresh!).

With 15+ years of experience between us, no question will go unanswered, no problem unsolved!

Focused in our field
Patents & Trademarks Made Simple

patents & trademarks made simple.

Intellectual Property can be pretty complicated.

We simplify the application process to make it as straight-forward as possible for you, and we’re constantly pushing to streamline our process.

We remain in constant contact during the application process and keep in touch to answer any questions you might have every step of the way!

Stop. Collaborate. We listen.

Collaboration is so important to us that the entire WD team works together – at no extra cost to you – to make sure your needs are met.

This includes sitting in together during free initial consultations so that we understand what you are looking for, on conference calls to catch up on how you are doing, and when we meet to brainstorm how to build out and build upon your intellectual property.

Stop. Collaborate. We listen

Ready? We’ve got this.