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we use innovation law to celebrate and protect your creations.

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We are completely focused on inventions and branding, meaning we help you file patent and trademark applications with a goal of building an intellectual property portfolio. Our law firm does not do litigation at this time.

Are you an entrepreneur? An inventor with the next great idea? Someone dedicated to building a company in pursuit of that next big thing? A branding agency that helps companies as they build a brand?

Regardless of how you identify, you understand the value of what you create. We can help you protect what you create for years to come.

We’ve got your back.

Going out on your own or building out your own idea can be intimidating, scary, and overwhelming while also being exhilarating, exciting, and hopefully, fun.

If our years as a law firm has taught us anything, it’s that a little positivity and creative strategy can go a long way to helping our entrepreneurs go forward with confidence.

We start by figuring out what could be protected, how to protect what you are doing, and empowering you with choices to make an informed decision.

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You've dreamed big. Let's dream bigger.

You’ve Dreamed Big. Let’s Dream Bigger.

As a growth-focused entrepreneur, you create opportunities with a snap of your finger. The world is full of endless opportunities. It’s just a matter of choosing which idea you want to execute on. Dream even bigger by strategically planning your next steps.  

We help entrepreneurs like you navigate the challenges of protecting a brand or invention. Using intellectual property to protect what you have ensures a path to profitability and opens doors for even more opportunities!  …and of course, snags you bragging rights for being an innovator in your field! 

Explore how trademark and patent protection can maximize your profits. 

Boost Your Ideas for Profitability.

Being completely focused on getting something off the ground could limit future possibilitiesSure, get that minimum viable product (MVP) started to fund that next phase – but have you thought about what your vision can become and how to profit from itSuccessfully protecting that idea while it shifts and takes shape is just the first phaseWilson Dutra helps entrepreneurs by reminding them of the bigger picture, helping them get farther faster. Find out how investing in trademark and patent protection can open doors for new opportunities. 

Profit from your portfolio

Profit from Your Portfolio.

Do you know how your brand or idea might grow in the next five/ten years? Let’s solve a problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution. Let’s build a brand that will last for years to come. Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: growth. Portfolios are a strategic way to continue building your intellectual property assets. Our experienced team of innovation law attorneys help entrepreneurs get ahead of the curve by protecting that trajectory! 

Custom for Your Craft.

No two brands or innovations are the same. Why should your legal strategy be? Searching for a trusted advisor starts with understanding your unique ideas and the problems you are trying to solve. At Wilson Dutra, we want to define your ultimate goal for growth.  Investing in yourself and seeing the value in what you are building is the first step to reaching that goal! 

We craft applications that convey the best of what you’ve worked so hard on. We monitor the application status and keep you updated on opportunities to further your goals. Learn more about how we help in every step of the trademark and patent application process.

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A Think Tank for Your Protection.

Once you are massively successful, what comes next? Have you found an advisory team that is able to keep up with your constant stream of ideas? It’s important to make sure what you’re creating stays protected. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the privilege of a group of trusted advisors. Intellectual property advisors can push you to think bigger, expand ideas, or plan for unexpected developments. Lucky for you, you’ve landed on our doorstep!

We’re In This Together.

Your success is our success. While the entrepreneurial journey is tough, you don’t need to go on that journey alone. Our team can face obstacles alongside entrepreneurs and transform them into opportunities. With those opportunities, we can create a profitable portfolio that sets you up for success for years to come. Our approach to building your intellectual property out is completely unlike anything out there, and we’re excited to see where it can take you.

We're in this together.

Ready? We’ve got this.