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Why invest in due diligence for your agency?

A creative agency’s brand identity creation process isn’t complete without performing due diligence.

If you just listened to our Co-Founder and Trademark Attorney Fernando Dutra discuss what can happen if creative agencies do (or don’t!) perform due diligence on the Creative Blueprint podcast and want to set your next brand identity pitch up for success, you’re in the right place!

As your agency continues to grow and scale, that means more opportunities to work with bigger clients. Some may have expectations that due diligence is being performed before they are presented with new branding material. Is your reputation something you worry about every night? Do you wonder if what you’re showing to a client will stand the test of time? Is there a smidge of imposter syndrome that your agency isn’t quite in the “big leagues” quite yet, and you have no idea how to better serve your clients?

Over 36,000 trademark applications are filed every month—are you performing due diligence to ensure none of those new filings are stopping your pitch deck or brand identity presentation before it’s even in the clients’ hands? Without due diligence, brands may be too late to file for trademark protection, or worse, may find themselves unknowingly infringing. Given the volume of trademark filings, this is a moving target that you might not be able to manage as you continue to grow and get more clients.

With due diligence, you can pitch confidently, knowing your hard work has created an invaluable business asset. Besides, why would a client invest in a new brand identity if they can’t protect it or claim it as their own? Set yourself apart from other agencies by being the ones who care whether the brand you are creating for your clients have a leg to stand on when they use it.

Learn how creative agencies and innovation law firms can collaborate on setting up rebrands, brand refreshes, and new brands for success with our free 15-minute discovery call, offered exclusively to Agency Blueprint listeners! During this call, Trademark Attorney Fernando Dutra will learn more about you, your agency, what you are currently doing, and provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how performing due diligence in your marketing services process will strengthen your next pitch deck.

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Now more than ever, due diligence matters to make sure you are setting your clients’ brands up for longevity. Trademark application filings and rejections are both on the rise, increasing the competition for protecting goodwill:


trademark applications are filed each month.
That’s a lot of potentially competing brands to identify for similarities and watch out for!


of WD trademark clients expand their brand by filing an additional trademark application after their first.
Expanding brand protection can mean clients have further branding needs with creative agencies as they continue to file trademark applications among competition.  It also means the brands you work with are growing, which is always cause for celebration!


of trademark applications were approved in 2020, an 8% decline from 59.1% approved in 2016.
The trademark application approval rate is predicted to continue declining, meaning it’s even more important to craft a brand identity that’s truly unique.

*Data is approximate. Total trademark applications and approvals may be found on USPTO website.


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