client pledge.

We will be as responsive as reasonably possible.

We try to respond to all emails within 24 hours unless it is the weekend. We don’t pressure staff to check email all the time (otherwise no work would get done!). Everyone checks email at least twice a day to bulk and batch responses accordingly. To be safe, please always cc another team member (like the Office Manager) on your correspondence.


We will be understanding of budget constraints.

We understand how important it is to protect your intellectual property, and we also understand that this is only one of the costs associated with starting up a business. Although we do not discount our pricing, we may offer payment plans that fit within your budget.


We will work passionately and diligently for your interests.

We know how personal it is to have an idea or a business, and we take care of these ideas as if they are personal to us as well. There are no guarantees about patent and trademark protection, but you can rest assured we will work hard to protect your IP. Please note that your openness and your responsiveness to any of our questions only help us represent you.


We will not tolerate bullying or unprofessionalism.

This works both ways. We will always be professional and respectful of our clients. Part of that respect means we will work on your projects with passion and diligence. Accordingly, we hope to be treated with equal respect and professionalism. Out of respect to our team and the effort they put into their work product for our clients, we do not tolerate bullying or unprofessionalism of any kind.


We will make sure our relationship is a fun one.

We know that you may be excited or anxious about the process to protect your ideas. We will meet that excitement with equal enthusiasm on our part, and we will combat your anxiety with warm guidance and kind counsel. We always approach life with a sense of fun and want you to be part of that.