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There’s a new idea or brand launching every day in the amusement industry!  When your main goal is to provide a memorable experience to come, it’s no surprise that everyone is pushing the envelope to create the next best thing for people to experience. We work with growth-focused entrepreneurs in the amusement industry to protect what they create.
Ensuring the longevity and success of your investment is incredibly important, here’s why:

Protect Your Unique Attractions & Experiences

Patent protection secures your innovative creations, preventing competitors from replicating your unique offerings.
Imagine: your revolutionary immersive gaming experience or one-of a kind rollercoaster – protected by patents, ensuring no one else can imitate your magic.

Establish Brand Distinction

Trademarks are the face of your business.  They encapsulate your brand, logo, and name, setting you apart from the competition. Imagine the value in safeguarding your brand’s reputation, preventing copycats from diluting your identity, and assuring customers that they're entering an authentic experience when they visit you.

Mitigate Legal Hassles

The amusement industry is bursting with creative ideas. Without proper patents or trademark protection, you leave your innovations vulnerable to theft. Legal battles can be not just financially draining, but also emotionally exhausting. Secure yourself with patents and trademarks, avoiding costly litigation and preserving your peace of mind.

Expand Revenue Opportunities

Protected intellectual property sets the stage for collaboration, licensing, and franchising.
Investors and potential partners are more likely to engage with a business that safeguards its innovations.
By licensing your patented technologies or trademarks, you open doors to new revenue streams and expansion opportunities, fostering the growth of your entertainment empire.

Enhanced Market Positioning

In a competitive landscape, patents and trademarks elevate your credibility.
It showcases to your audience that your center is committed to originality and quality.
It builds trust among your patrons, establishing you as an industry leader, amplifying customer loyalty, and drawing in a steady flow of visitors.

Without patents and trademarks, the risks are stark. Competitors can exploit your ideas, dilute your brand identity, and potentially drive away your customer base. The absence of these protections leaves your hard-earned success vulnerable to imitation, legal disputes, and diminished growth prospects.

In the playground of the amusement industry, those who protect their ideas and brands stand as the true champions.

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