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You’ve thought about it in every way you possibly can on your own, but your ideas can’t learn to fly alone. Whether you made your big breakthrough last night or you’ve been running tests for years, now’s the time to take what you're proud of and protect it. Suit up and take your innovation to the stars so that when others are ready for lift-off, they see your idea waving from space.

Innovator Consultation


We’ll take a look at your options for patenting and recommend the best next steps for you. No charge, no pressure!

Recommended for those with an idea for an invention but aren’t sure where to start.

  • Discovery Session of 1 Asset
  • Next-Step Assessment

Battle Test Your Idea


The next step up for those who have a clearer idea on where take things, with help moving forward.

Recommended for those investigating one or more patents.

  • Patentability Search of 1 or More Assets
  • Next-Steps Assessment
  • Patentability check and recommended next steps
  • Path Forward Collaboration

Carve Your Path


For those with total confidence in their invention, looking for a straight path to a patent.

Recommended for those with an invention in need of one or more patents.

  • Drafting patent application(s)
  • Next-Steps Assessment
  • Patent drafting strategy and evaluation
  • Path Forward Collaboration

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