When we started Wilson Dutra, our focus was and continues to be on one thing: fun collaboration.

We truly believe that the best work comes from working closely together with as much input as we can possibly get to deliver the best work product to you.

This means multiple team members are involved in your project (at no extra charge to you) so that we can truly see if the old adages “two heads are better than one” / “teamwork makes the dream work” equates to the best work product we could possibly deliver.

Wilson Dutra Team

our values.

We cherish our culture here. We work hard to satisfy our clients while also striking a work-life balance for ourselves and our team. Here is a copy of the pledge we send to our clients when they sign on with us. Beyond that, here are the values we share internally:

our team.


Camille Wilson began her education in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University where she developed her technical background and her love for technology. She then transferred to Texas A&M in Galveston to pursue a degree in maritime administration. After working for around three years in the shipping industry in Savannah, she decided to go to law school. There she discovered the perfect platform to combine her background in business, love of writing, and passion for science and technology.

Directly out of law school, after passing both the Florida Bar and the Patent Bar, she worked as a contractor interacting with a team in the Research & Development department at a Fortune 50 Company. Because of the collaborative environment, she is listed as an inventor in dozens of patent applications and sixteen issued US patents. Over the years, as a patent attorney in Jacksonville, FL, she has drafted over two hundred patent applications, working with a range of inventors from research engineers to start-up companies to solo inventors.

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Co-Founder, Patent Attorney.

  • orangeLicensed in Florida.


Certified with the USPTO
Licensed Patent Attorney.

Admitted to practice patent law by passing the patent bar.


Fernando Dutra is a Florida Board-Certified Specialist in Intellectual Property law. Fernando is admitted to practice law in New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., and Florida. Before starting Wilson Dutra with Camille, Fernando practiced personal injury and bankruptcy litigation in upstate New York. the allure of working with excited entrepreneurs starting their intellectual property journeys was too difficult to turn down. (The warmer weather certainly didn’t hurt either – though Fernando does miss Fall every year.)

As a managing attorney, Fernando oversees strategic and day-to-day operations at Wilson Dutra. If there’s a way to better serve WD’s clients, Fernando wants to hear it!

When Fernando isn’t working on WD (and when isn’t he?), you can probably find him at a local concert, catching up on the latest video game news, or watching a movie.

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Co-Founder, Trademark Attorney.

  • orangeLicensed in Florida.

  • appleLicensed in New York.

  • blueberryLicensed in New Jersey.

  • CherryLicensed in Washington DC.


Florida board certified in intellectual property law
Florida Board-Certified.


Seemingly quiet, calm and collected on the outside, this Florida gal has an excitable rainbow paint-splattered soul which is often on the brink of bursting with new characters and ideas. Never satisfied with an easy task, Alyna is always looking for a fun challenge in which she can add onto her already expansive knowledge of art styles and techniques.

After taking a short detour at Florida State University to complete her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alyna found her way back to her artistic endeavors by selling art on Fiverr. Before long, she found herself in a fitting position as Wilson Dutra’s very own Patent Illustrator!

When not sketching and finalizing patent figures, Alyna can be found on Instagram posting various drawings of her current obsessions!


Ryan McCarthy is primarily a graphic designer, working with Wilson Dutra on social media and in-house design efforts. His interest in design stems from a fascination with the world and development of video-games. Also leaning in on marketing efforts, Ryan challenges himself to weave the interests of a marketer with those of a designer. He also designed this very website, which to his pleasure (and at times displeasure) brought about an entirely new set of challenges.

Ryan can always be found tinkering away at a stats-driven design (or, you know, sometimes just a fun one), but is always pleased by the different forms his role can take on the day-by-day.

When not working, you’ll find him with his head in a book or game, or perhaps exploring his new-found surroundings in the UK.


Nicholas Lush is a patent engineer at Wilson Dutra, building robust patent applications to safeguard the novelty of each innovation. Coming from a background of mechanical engineering and biomedical research and development, Nicholas has always been entranced by the thrill of new ideas.

Nicholas can be found pondering new ways of protecting and elaborating upon the technical possibilities of new inventions in collaborative team settings. He loves the unending variety of ideas and the limitless ways of helping them become patents.

When Nicholas isn’t busy with work or school, you’ll find him hiking or exploring the great outdoors with his wife and two beautiful daughters.


Christian Cok is a graduate of Liberty University School of Law and is admitted to practice law in Florida.  Christian studied Intellectual Property while in law school and trained in the Intellectual Property Clinic when he was enrolled to learn practical skills.  Before moving to Virginia for college and law school Christian grew up in South Carolina where he spent his days working for his dad and being on the lake.

Christian spends his days at Wilson Dutra on all things trademarks and enjoys the collaborative working environment even when working remotely.  He is passionate about helping businesses protect their brands.

When Christian is not working you can find him spending time with his lovely wife or on the golf course.

IP Rookie.

  • orangeLicensed in Florida.


Cousteau is WD’s hard-working office explorer.
When not chiming in during Zoom calls, Cousteau can be found chewing on a good Himalayan bone or being a portable space heater.
He enjoys long walks in the evenings, reading T.S. Eliot, and researching the latest deep diving techniques.

Mascot/IP Explorer.

  • Badge of cute dogVerified good boy.

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