Not just words and symbols – trademarks represent trust in the marketplace.
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Discovery session
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Kick-off meeting
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Brand audit

Let’s get this out of the way up top: there’s a perception that trademarks have become so commoditized entrepreneurs devalue their own brand and look for the lowest bidder, creating unforeseen problems for their brand and risking their trademark application in the process.

As a growth-focused entrepreneur, you’re probably not interested in that.
Why not invest in yourself, create a solid foundation, and build a brand with legs that can last for decades to come?

Unlock the Profit Power of a Recognizable Brand

Your brand needs to stick out in a crowded market, guiding customers to a solution different from your perceived competitors. A strong trademark isn’t just a necessity – it can be a money-making machine.

How often do you buy products from a brand, no questions asked, because you know “it has to be good” because of the brand that made it? A recognizable brand doesn’t just attract customers – it commands a premium and keeps them coming back.

Stop Swimming in the Sea of Sameness

You’ve created a unique brand to call out to customers begging for change. Why stop at merely protecting your brand? Strategically position your brand to carve out its own corner of protection to set yourself up for success for years to come.

Licensing Your Legacy

How far do you want your brand to go? How do you plan to monetize your brand? Are you planning to go the distance? If yes, crafting a trademark strategy that goes beyond just safeguarding your brand is incredibly important when you start.

Your trademarks have the capacity to become revenue streams, licensing opportunities, and a powerful tool for negotiating favorable business deals.

Trademark Tactics

Since trademarks could potentially last forever why think short-term? Work with a team that rigorously ensures your brand is set up for success and curates a strategic portfolio that aligns with your business goals.

Trademarks are vital for creating and keeping market share. Some upfront due diligence and planning, along with continued upkeep, can go a long way to reaching “forever”.

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Tricks of the Trademark: How to Mark Your Ideas Safe From the Storm

In this guide, you will learn about:

— Why you should file for trademark protection
— Which assets are trademarkable
— How to file for trademark protection
— Steps for success

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