creative agencies.

Hello creative agency owners!

As you probably know, intellectual property is an integral part of your daily operations.
Not a day goes by where you aren’t navigating some aspect of someone’s branding, whether that be building something new, putting a new spin on a beloved concept, or experimenting with different elements of a brand.
Due diligence during this creative process is incredibly important, and so is setting expectations for any client that walks through your doors about what you provide for them when they hire you. We work with growth-focused creative agencies ready to invest in their clients (and themselves) by setting the road to success with due diligence before a client receives any collateral.

Preserving Your Clients’ Creative Assets

Every day, creative agencies generate a stream of original ideas, logos, slogans, and unique concepts for themselves and their clients. Intellectual property acts as the safeguard for these assets. However, in the fast-paced nature of creative work, there’s a risk of neglecting both whether these can be protected and whether something else already exists that could be an issue.

Building Brand Identities

Crafting distinctive brand identities is a core function of creative agencies, with many offering branding strategy and brand identity as part of their services. Ensuring that these creations are original and not inadvertently similar to others is a never-ending concern. Adding even a single layer of due diligence helps protect you as an agency owner when a client inevitably runs into issues down the road.

Navigating Legal Complexities

Intellectual property law is intricate, often leading to complexities that might be challenging for creative professionals to navigate. The risk of unintentional infringement due to oversight or missed legal nuances is a constant concern in your daily operations. Having a trusted advisor to help navigate these issues relieves this burden, keeping you focused on what you do best (which, hopefully, does not involve the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office!).

Developing and Maintaining Client Trust

Building and retaining client trust is vital. Imagine working with an agency that cannot say whether or not a client can then use whatever they made for them. This would completely undo any goodwill or trust a client has in your agency.

Clients expect both creative brilliance and legal assurance in your agency’s work. There’s a persistent fear that post-project legal issues might arise, impacting client confidence. For example, what happens if a logo you or your team created already exists or infringes on someone else’s?

Facilitating Growth

Like any business, creative agencies aim for growth and expansion. However, the fear of legal challenges in uncharted territories can be a barrier to that growth. This daily concern impacts strategic planning and potential business opportunities.

Attorneys act as advisors, ensuring that the creativity flows unimpeded by legal concerns.
We provide necessary guidance to allow creative agencies to focus on their core strengths.

Specifically, we help perform due diligence on the creative assets you create for your clients.  We vet your creations before you present to avoid clients falling in love with something that can’t be protected or before they choose an asset that may lead to legal issues down the road.