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What happens when a patent expires? Blog header for Wilson Dutra Innovation Law.

What Happens When Your Patent Runs Out?

A patent is designed to protect your intellectual property rights – but only for so long. U.S. patent protection will expire after a certain number of years depending on the type of patent and the....
What are trademarks

Protecting Your Brand: Trademarks Explained

Why Trademark?  Do you care about your brand’s reputation? Do you know how to protect your business’ slogan, name, or logo? Establishing a recognizable brand is vital to entrepreneurial and business success, and protecting that....

Who Can Own the “Queen of Christmas”?

All I Want For Christmas is a Trademark Can someone own the word Christmas?  Is “Queen of Christmas” a protectable brand name?  How, exactly, does a superstar like Mariah Carey find herself in the middle....
Can you patent a recipe?

Can You Patent a Recipe?

If you own a restaurant or food company, your recipes are your lifeblood. They create your raving fans and generate revenue. There may be something about your recipe that is unique, out-of-the-ordinary, and worth protecting....