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Some recent newsletter highlights:

A busy entrepreneur always has ideas buzzing about in their brains…and most strike when you don’t have a pen handy!

Here are some ideas to gather most of those ideas before they flitter away:
1. Keep an “Idea” Journal Handy:
Always have a place to jot down thoughts as they come!

We process applications all year round, but if you’ve got something that must be filed before the year is done, it’s time to embark on the protection journey ASAP!

Why is it important to file before the end of the year?
1. Fee increases, both on the attorney side and government side, are planned around the end of the year.

...And as we prepared our nightly brew,
Back to our laptop, we knew what to do.
For entrepreneurs preparing for the next ride,
Here are five tips, let them be your guide:

  1. Trademark the Sleigh:
    Secure your brand, give it some flair,

    Like someone’s sleigh, let your trademark declare.

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