rune keeper.

Rune Keeper (Billing & Collection Specialist)

Location: Fully Remote     |     Type: Part-Time to Full-Time

Do people thank you for making a tough subject easy?  When you say you want to talk about “money,” do people actually stick around and listen instead of fleeing to the hills?  Are you able to broach sensitive, emotional subjects with poise and a cool demeanor?  Are you able to succinctly explain things to people who might need more information?  Do you know how to make something seen as difficult (collecting money) into something exciting?  Do you wake up every morning motivated to make the world (and where you work) a better place?  Do you want to work with an awesome and fun team?  If so, have we got an opportunity for you!

We are looking for a rune keeper to help keep the ledger spotless as we expand and grow.  We are looking for someone who can represent the WD team, embracing our culture of fun and entrepreneurship empathy!  You need to have persistent curiosity and a willingness to have continuous communication with our amazing clients and clients to be.


If the following description applies to you, please apply!:

The Rune Keeper is informed and respectful of billing and collection practices within the legal industry.
You see invoicing and following up on billing as continuing to provide value to our clients.  You communicate with clients via phone and email to answer any billing questions, resolve billing concerns, and, when needed, establish payment plans.  You are able to manage and effectively reduce accounts receivable.  You can manage incoming payments in accordance with procedures.  You are able to assist with chargeback resolutions (in the rare event they happen).  You enjoy attending staff meetings.  You monitor, track, and report on timekeepers’ hours (despite us not being a law firm that does hourly billing).

You are able to prepare, review, and revise prebills to make sure they are accurate and written to convey thought, progress, and value to the client before submitting for final review.  You are able to prepare and send approved invoices to clients within billing cycles.  You can manage the suspend and withdraw process on client matters in accordance with collections procedures.  You are able to notify the team when work on a client’s matter needs to be suspended due to late payments.

A successful candidate embraces metrics, transparency, and accountability.  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are an absolute must both in person, by phone, through Zoom, and via email. You need to be a lifelong learner with a proven track record of self-improvement to keep your billing and collections skills sharp!


Here are a few ideal attributes we would be looking for from you:

1. Persistence.
2. Curiosity.
3. Love fun.
4. Love tech.
5. Love learning.
6. Have an attention to detail.
7. Demonstrated, proven success in billing, invoicing, reducing accounts receivable, and collections.
8. Independent, self-starter who thrives on immersion in a rapidly changing environment with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills.
9. Comfortable working virtually/remotely.
10. Friendly and professional with others, including our team and clients.
11. Proactive, can-do attitude, with great follow-through and resourcefulness.
12. Strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to be personable yet persistent.
13. Have some basic technical background or be able to speak, understand, and break down bills.
14. Have a background in billing.
15. Experience with intellectual property and systems used in law firms, preferably AppColl.
16. Bonus terms that describe our ideal candidate: Problem solving, listening skills, alignment with core philosophy of honesty, detail oriented, systematic, creative, good-natured, emotionally-secure, patient, optimistic, flexible, knows when to lead and when to follow.

* If you have an abundance of the other ideal attributes…please don’t let these dissuade you from applying!


Key Responsibilities:

1. Communicate with clients via phone and email to answer billing questions, resolve billing concerns, and establish payment plans.
2. Manage and reduce A/R.
3. Manage incoming Cash, Check and Credit Card payments in accordance with procedures.
4. Manage Client Retainer Accounts.
5. Assist with Chargebacks resolution.
6. Submit Performance Metrics to team members.
7. Attend Staff Meetings.
8. Monitor, track, and report on teams’ internal timekeeping.
9. Prepare, review and revise prebills to ensure they are accurate and written to convey thought, progress, and value to the client before submitting for final review and edit.
10. Send prebills for final edits.
11. Prepare and send approved invoices to clients each billing cycle.
12. Manage the suspend and withdraw process on client matters in accordance with the Firm’s Collections procedure.


This is currently a part-time position with an opportunity to go full-time within 6 months.

This is an hourly position to start with before becoming a full-time salaried position.


Since this is not a typical position, we are not looking for a typical cover letter.  In your cover letter, explain your relationship with money, the best advice you ever received about money, and what shaped your perspective.  Bonus points for sharing a story that would show us the Rune Keeper you could be.  As a note, there are no right or wrong ways to interpret this question.

Email us at with both your resume and cover letter or through our website (unless you are here already…welcome!).  (Applications without a resume and cover letter will not be considered, so, you know…please do that.)


We look forward to hearing from you!

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