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The premier global event for the attractions industry is less than two months away: protect your innovation!

Secure Your Market Advantage!

Planning to make a big splash at an upcoming event?

Launching a new product?

Looking for buyers to invest on a fresh spin?

Trying to differentiate yourself from everyone else?

Don’t want your budding idea to run afoul of show floor patent patrol?

Patent basics - Wilson Dutra innovation law

Patent protection might give you a leg up up on your competition and be a conversation starter, since “patent pending” is a label that might raise the questions:
“What makes you different?”
“Why can’t I get this anywhere else?”
Even better, competitors who are sniffing around might be warded off wondering what you might have protected before the show.

Now, timing is a critical component with your patent journey, since a 1-year public disclosure time-bar applies for what you might be able to protect. If that time-bar expires… so do your patent protection opportunities.
Even with that one-year time frame, if someone else files on a similar idea before you, well…things can get a little complicated.

Other timing elements, like researching, creating, drafting, and finalizing a patent application, can take months, or require rush fees to meet earlier deadlines.


We are offering a limited number of spots for new patent applications that initiate before October 6th, 2023.

Showcasing your newest innovation at an upcoming trade show or conference may bring you lots of attention—and the risk of someone else copying you or filing for patent protection before you can.

Retain our experienced patent team before October 6th, 2023 and receive our special offer: rush fees are waived on new patent applications to help ensure your exciting idea is ready with patent pending protection to showcase.
While new patent applications typically take 10 weeks (or longer!) to prepare and file, with this special offer, new patent applications can be filed by November 10th, 2023.

With this offer, no matter what patent protection your idea could benefit from—utility, design, provisional, nonprovisional—you can plan and strategize for your upcoming events confidently, knowing your idea will be patent pending.


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