Patent and Trademark Paralegal

(Virtual/Part Time to Full-Time)

Do you love patents and trademarks?  Does seeing a typo in a sentence make your eye twitch?  Do you take pride in your work?  Do you love working with excited, passionate clients?  Are you someone who wants to work with a fun and awesome team?  Do you have a very specific skill set that you want to leverage to help grow a burgeoning law firm?  Are you hoping to work part time and virtually so you can literally work from anywhere and practically at any time?  Do you wake up every morning motivated to make the world (and where you work) a better place?  This may be the perfect position for you!


We are specifically looking for someone who is proficient with patent and trademark matters.  This ideal person (you?) must be comfortable working in Private PAIR, TSDR, and intellectual property docketing software.  Familiarity with international strategies for patents and trademarks is also preferable.  They must be able to have a warm and knowledgeable approach when interfacing with both clients and foreign agents on behalf of the firm.  They must want to work with a team and welcome collaboration.


Wilson Dutra is a (virtual) Jacksonville law firm that focuses on patents, trademarks, startups . . . and most importantly, fun.  We have the amazing privilege to work with new tech and startups from a wide variety of markets.


Here are a few ideal attributes we would be looking for from you:

- Persistence.
- Curiosity.
- Love fun.
- Love tech.
- Love learning.
- Have an attention to detail.
- Comfortable working virtually/remotely.
- Organization maestro.
- Friendly and professional with others, including our team and clients.
- Have some understanding about the basics of intellectual property.*
- Have a vision for or some past experience running a law office.*
- Comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite (including Visio).
- Familiarity with intellectual property docketing software.


* If you have an abundance of the other ideal attributes…please don’t let these dissuade you from applying!


Key Responsibilities:

- Check Private PAIR, TSDR, and use docketing software daily and provide updates on patent and trademark matters.

- Prepare patent and trademark shells for office actions and applications.

- Regularly communicate with foreign agents about international patent and trademark matters.

- Track and communicate patent and trademark deadlines with both the WD team and clients to ensure that everything is filed timely.

  • Be comfortable breaking down complicated subject matter into small and actionable steps (AKA be comfortable translating some legalese into Plain English, or at least be comfortable explaining things to clients)


This is currently a part time position with potential to grow into full time in the future.  As this is part time, you may work during whatever hours suit them, as long as at least some of the time overlaps with business hours to allow for interactions with clients and other team members.


Since this is not a typical position, we are not looking for a typical cover letter.  Please tell us about your first experience with patents and trademarks in a professional setting and why you decided to focus your career there.  We really want to understand why you are passionate about the topic!  Feel free to apply wherever you found this post or on our website.  (Applications without a resume and cover letter will not be considered, so, you know…please do that.)



We look forward to hearing from you!