ip evaluation.

Intellectual Property (IP) Evaluation.

Unsure of whether something you’ve created is patentable? Or whether a brand you are creating can get trademark protection? Maybe you are starting your entrepreneurial journey and need agreements to protect your intellectual property? We offer (free!) initial consultations to figure out possible next steps so that you can make informed decisions. From there, you can decide how to move forward knowing that the only bad decision is not making one.


How to Start Right: A Startup's Guide to Intellectual Property

In this guide, you will learn about

— Common IP mistakes to avoid
— Steps for building your IP portfolio
— Deadlines and costs

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NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

There are multiple ways to protect your innovation or branding. NDAs may be useful depending on how you use them and depending on what industry you plan to be in or connect to. Why not explore whether NDAs are appropriate and have them at the ready rather than scramble at the last minute to put one together?

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Terms and Conditions

terms and conditions.

Almost every website has terms and conditions that set expectations for a visitor. Why not think through what makes your site unique and set those expectations before you launch?

consulting agreements.

Someone once told us, “Good contracts make good friends.” When consulting with others in building out ideas, why would anyone leave out information about who has ownership over what is developed or how that might work?

Consulting Agreements
Cease & Desist Letters

cease & desist letters.

Once you have a trademark registration, the impetus is on a trademark owner to make sure they are seen as the source for their brand. Cease and desist letters come out of this obligation and are part of the process of making sure a trademark owner doesn’t risk losing their registration. Why build an empire around a brand or product design and then let others use it without permission?

licensing agreements.

When inventors choose not to build out their products or services on their own, licensing inventions or branding is a common alternative pathway to getting a return on a patent application or a brand. Why not make your branding and tech work for you by exploring licensing possibilities?

Licensing Agreements
General IP Troubleshooting

general IP troubleshooting.

Do you think you or your business is involved in something related to intellectual property, but you’re just not sure? Are you making some big decisions about your business? Did you receive a contract from another company? Is it related to your branding, their branding, your product, their product?

We offer free initial consultations to sort through potential next steps and to see where we can help!

Ready? We’ve got this.