Master Integrator (Operations Director)

Master Integrator (Operations Director)

Location: Remote (based out of Jacksonville, FL)

Type: Full-Time

Are you someone who knows how to execute a business plan?  Are you excited to achieve or exceed planned profit and loss objectives?  Are you able to lead, manage, and hold team members accountable for achieving agreed upon commitments?  Are you able to integrate all major operating functions of a business, making sure everyone is rowing together in the same direction?  Are you able to resolve issues effectively – seeing real opportunities, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and solving problems in a practical (and productive!) manner?  Are you able to follow and develop core processes with consistency, filling in any gaps along the way?  Does ensuring communication flows through an organization give you life?  Are you able to juggle multiple priorities while making sure invoices go out on time, accounts receivable are collected, and financials are in tip-top shape?

Could you work your integrator magic from the comfort of your home office?  Do you wake up every morning motivated to make the world (and where you work) a better place?  Do you want to work with an awesome and fun team?  If so, have we got an opportunity for you!

We are looking for a Master Integrator (Operations Director).  We are looking for the person who can take amazing big plans and put them into action.  We are looking for someone who can represent the WD team, embracing our culture of fun and entrepreneurial empathy!  You need to have persistent curiosity and a willingness to have continuous communication with our amazing team members.  Preferably, you are energized by processes, integration, and inspiring team members into peak performance.  You are laser-focused on executing complex processes based on a deep understanding of big ideas.

You see execution of ideas as a beautiful symphony of processes and people all working in concert.  You have the unique ability to inspire an entire team to work toward the same goals with little deviation.  The prospect of working with and developing a well-oiled machine energizes and motivates you.  You have a knack for drawing out maximum potential of people and processes.  You constantly have an eye toward perfection, despite knowing that true perfection may be perpetually out of reach.  You are driven to that destination, nonetheless.

This position analyzes and dissects strategy and business goals into executable processes.  This position works directly with team members to ensure everyone is working within the processes to achieve success.  Further, this position listens to lofty ideas and ideals and extracts the practical integration of processes to pursue those concepts.  This position has a deep responsibility to reign in outlier ideas that may not be the best path forward and flesh out and implement those that might be.

A successful candidate needs prior experience in managing processes and people.  The successful candidate must be a self-identified constructive “perfectionist” with a history to support that identity.  A Master Integrator sees the potential reality of every dream and is able to structure a plan around it.  They then need to be able to communicate that plan to the team executing it.

The successful candidate embraces metrics, score keeping, transparency, and accountability.  Excellent interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills are an absolute must both by phone, through Zoom, and via email.  You need to be a lifelong learner with proven track record of self-improvement to keep your perfectionist self finely tuned!

This is currently a full-time position that is fully remote.  Depending on experience, starting salary ranges from $70,000 to $90,000.

Since this is not a typical position, we are not looking for a typical cover letter.  In your cover letter, describe, in pain-staking detail, how you took a big idea and implemented it into a reality.  As a note, there are no “right” or “wrong” ways to interpret this magical question.


Email us at with both your resume and cover letter or through our website (unless you are here already…welcome!). (Applications without a resume and cover letter will not be considered, so, you know…please do that.  If you do not hear from us and are revisiting this post to figure out why, it is likely because you did not send us these materials with your inquiry!)


We look forward to hearing from you!

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