Demi-Scribe (Front Office Communications)

Location: Remote

Type: Full-Time, Remote

Do you absolutely love interacting with people on a daily basis, particularly startups and entrepreneurs? Are you someone who can multitask and pivot to different tasks as they come up?  Do you show up to every meeting 10 minutes early?  Do people say that you are the reason operations run smoothly?  Are you not fazed by a high energy, high momentum daily environment?  Do you wake up every morning motivated to make the world (and where you work) a better place?  Do you want to work with an awesome and fun team?  Do you have 2+ years of office assistance experience?  If so, have we got an opportunity for you! 


Specifically, we are looking for someone to manage the firm calendar, coordinate meetings, and be one of the first voices someone hears when they call Wilson Dutra.  Preferably, you feel comfortable performing basic intake of client calls or are willing to learn. 


A Demi-Scribe is our Ambassador of First Impressions, and the primary goal is to build relationships with our former, current, and potential new clients via email, telephone, and Zoom while ensuring that potential clients are screened and scheduled for consult in a timely manner.  A Demi-Scribe is responsible for answering the phone, triaging calls, taking messages, directly assisting callers whenever possible, managing appointment calendars, routing incoming and outgoing mail (if local), and making people feel welcome however they contact WD. They are also responsible for speaking with PNC’s (Prospective New Clients) to ensure that they are qualified to hire Wilson Dutra, gathering all relevant information needed for engagement, and scheduling them for a Sales Consult in a timely manner. A Demi Scribe may provide basic administrative support to other team members and act as a backup when other administrative support personnel are out of the office. 


This is currently a full-time position with availability to start immediately.  We are a small firm with a driven team that is passionate about helping our clients.  As a small firm, we rely heavily on each other to get the job done.  While this is a remote position, everyone at Wilson Dutra works very closely with one another.  We are looking for someone who wants to be an integral part of a hardworking team that knows how to have fun while working.  This role, as described above, has the potential to split into two separate roles as the firm grows, meaning that the right person will have the opportunity to grow within our firm rather quickly.  


Since this is not a typical position, we are not looking for a typical cover letter.  Imagine you are at a telethon.  What cause would you be calling others about?  Who would be the top 10 people you would want to speak with and why?  What would you say to them about the cause you are calling about to get them excited about it too?  How will you explain how they can help?  Explain your system for transitioning them to someone else and how you organize following up with them. We’ll know how carefully you have read this (and how interested you are in this role) if we don’t receive a customized cover letter.   


Instead of applying wherever you found this posting, please email us at with both your resume and cover letter or through our website (unless you are here already…welcome!).  This makes sure applications are received in a way that can be received consistently.  (Applications without a resume and personalized cover letter will not be considered, so, you know…please do that.  If you do not hear from us and are revisiting this post to figure out why, it is likely because you did not send us these materials with your inquiry!). 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Here are a few ideal attributes we would be looking for from you:

1. Persistence.

2. Curiosity.

3. Love fun.

4. Love tech.

5. Love learning.

6. Truly, truly, truly, (1 more) truly enjoy helping people every single day.

7. Have an attention to detail.

8. Comfortable working virtually/remotely.

9. Organization maestro.

10. Friendly and professional with others, including our team and clients.

11. Have some understanding about the basics of intellectual property.*

12. Have a vision for or some past experience running a law office.*

13. Comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite.

14. 2+ years of office assistance experience.

15. Comfortable working across multiple complex calendars

* If you have an abundance of the other ideal attributes…please don’t let these dissuade you from applying!


Key Responsibilities:

1. Be a people liaison and connector – answer and follow-up with clients in a timely fashion, be comfortable answering basic questions, help answer the phone to triage appropriately, screen and pre-qualify leads.

2. Ensure no email, phone call, text, invoice, meeting, or engagement letter slips through the cracks!

3. Juggle multiple calendars to make sure everything runs smoothly and on-time (be the team’s keeper!)

4. Enjoy documenting and being organized – saving files to folders, organizing/setting up new client folders, and making sure i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

5. Be able to precisely and clearly communicate the firm’s process for intake of an engagement.

6. Capture client and lead information in the CRM (Contract Relationship Management) System and Lead Tracker spreadsheet.

7. Want some more? Here you go!:

a. Relationship Focused Tasks

i. Answer Incoming Calls

1. Gather basic caller information

2. Screens and triages calls

3. Acts as a gatekeeper, handling as many requests for information as possible

4. Makes referrals to callers looking for assistance outside of our practice area

5. Direct incoming calls or takes messages for team members as appropriate

ii. “Greeting” Guests

1. Creating a positive and professional first impression on behalf of the firm

2. Making callers comfortable

b. Administrative Tasks

i. Enter caller information into the CRM or CMS system

ii. Maintain Calendars

1. Schedule meetings for staff

iii. Prepare office supply orders

iv. Event calendaring

1. Find, coordinate, and register for networking events, including follow-up before and after the events

v. Assist other staff and perform other general office duties, as requested

vi. Work in accordance with WD policies and procedures

vii. If (fairly) local (not required): Manage incoming and outgoing mail, deliveries, and packages

1. Stamp the date received on all incoming mail

2. Direct all mail and deliveries to the proper person

3. Maintain logs of incoming and outgoing deliveries

4. Dispose of junk mail

5. Prepare envelopes for signing and mailing

c. Intake Related Tasks

i. Screen and pre-qualify leads

1. Ask a series of questions designed to determine if the lead is “pre-qualified” to purchase legal services from the Wilson Dutra

2. Evaluate for the right type of matter, the right location, the right type of client, and that there is no “Conflict of Interest”

3. Assess the PNC’s sense of urgency and motivation

4. Gather critical information needed by the Dragon (Client Engagement Specialist/Non-Attorney Salesperson) to adequately prepare for the Initial Consultation

ii. Explain Wilson Dutra’s Process for Intake and Engagement

1. Explain our process and how it benefits the PNC

2. Provide clarity about what the PNC can expect following the intake call and during the initial consultation

3. Overcome any objections to scheduling an initial consultation

iii. Capture Information in the Contact Relationship Management (CRM) System and Lead Tracker spreadsheet

1. Capture information gathered during intake

2. Date and time of the initial consultation

3. Record any fees paid

iv. Follow Up with PNCs that Do Not Schedule or Attend an Initial Consultation

1. Call PNCs that did not show up for initial consultations to reschedule at the earliest convenience

2. Handle the rescheduling of initial consultations when PNCs call to cancel

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