Wilson Dutra & Synapse Summit

Wilson Dutra Supports Synapse Summit 2021

After years of attending Synapse Summit in person and meeting everyone at their booths, in 2021 Wilson Dutra will have an exhibitor’s booth of their own!  We are incredibly excited to meet everyone this year through the virtual event. 

Synapse Summit goes digital

This year, Synapse Summit runs online from Monday, March 8th to Thursday, March 11th.  We are interested to see how the AI-powered networking will work and interacting with anyone who stops by our booth.  Though normally hosted in Tampa, like many other events in this pandemic world, the event has gone completely digital.  In the past, Synapse Summit has been the flagship event for Synapse Florida.  Synapse Florida focuses on connecting entrepreneurs, investors, and the general community throughout the entirety of Florida.  As the Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to grow exponentially, this is an event where that active community can come, learn, and meet each other.  The event has both opportunities for continuous, almost endless networking as well as a variety of panels.  Whether an entrepreneur is starting, scaling, or exiting, there is always an opportunity to learn more. 

Come say hi!

If you are at the Synapse Summit this year, please stop by and say hello.  Maybe we’ll “bump” into you during a digital networking event.  As always, we are happy to answer any questions anyone has or asks about inventions and branding (patents and trademarks).  We’ll also ask anyone willing to share about how they feel about the Tampa sports scene right now, which is absolutely on fire (Super Bowl champs; Stanley Cup winners; World Series runners-up…the list goes on)!

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