Made in Space-Redwire Space

Made in Space specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of three-dimensional printers for use in microgravity. As part of that process, the Made in Space team was constantly coming up with new ideas for how this could work and needed help capturing those ideas and translating them into patent applications. The Wilson Dutra team started by helping identify patentable inventions, interviewing inventors, and creating disclosures for other patent counsel to use to draft patent applications, eventually drafting overflow patent applications as needed.

Once Made in Space was acquired by Redwire Space, there was a new opportunity: how to identify patentable technology in an organization with several subsidiaries and moving parts. The Wilson Dutra team continued to work on patent applications, working with inventors and leadership directly to capture those ideas.

The Wilson Dutra team also identified areas of opportunity to create and protect a trademark portfolio, filing for protection on several of the companies the company acquired, shoring up their branding protection.

Protection Granted: Patent Portfolio (5+), Trademark Portfolio (20+)