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OnDefend started as a security consulting firm that focused on providing preventative security testing and consulting services directly to their clients. As they grew, they created cybersecurity solutions for customers that they then turned into commercial software offerings. OnDefend empowers the information security industry through its proprietary technological innovations and private-labeled security force. OnDefend’s perspective on the latest happenings in cybersecurity is regularly featured in Forbes.

What does a professional services company do when they start to broaden their services, creating completely new solutions not seen on the market with accompanying branded products? What do you do in a crowded field full of innovators?  Is there room for protection for “the little guy”?

After some due diligence with the Wilson Dutra team, OnDefend dove headfirst into patent protection, creating an entire patent portfolio around a single idea. As that idea grew, expanded, and matured, so did their patent portfolio, which reflects their expanded software solutions. They also protected brand names for the products they created for their customers.

OnDefend reflects the potential trajectory for ambitious, growth-minded entrepreneurs – as their organization grew and expanded, they were able to capitalize on a unique solution to become the organization they are today!

Protection Granted: Patent Portfolio (5+), Trademark Registrations (2+)