Metallic Dice Games

Metallic Dice Games

Established in 2014, Metallic Dice Games sells a variety of high quality dice, including Gemstone, Acrylic, and Glow in the Dark Dice! MDG loves gaming and loves having the opportunity to enhance anyone’s gaming experience with premium dice. Metallic Dice Games were ultimately acquired by FanRoll.

After meeting Wilson Dutra, they reached out for some guidance after a particularly eventful trade show experience. That trade show experience showed the importance of protecting intellectual property, leading them to explore potential patent protection and trademark protection, among other intellectual property protection. Having an intellectual property attorney to help navigate and develop a plan surrounding intellectual property proved to be particularly helpful. Metallic Dice Games is an example of a trade show participant who quickly learned the value of intellectual property, the power it can have, and what you need to do to protect what you’re creating.

In the end, Wilson Dutra helped MDG navigate a sticky situation while also strengthening their intellectual property positioning in the marketplace. Why roll the dice on intellectual property protection if you don’t need to?

Protection Granted: 3+ Trademark Registrations; Agreement Negotiations