Louis Sherry

Louis Sherry had a storied history - in 1881, Louis Sherry introduced the French chocolate-making tradition to New York and quickly established a reputation for excellence.  The company quickly achieved renown for its iconic tin box, featured in countless movies, written about in books, and highlighted in countless holiday recommendation guides.

There was only one problem though that the company hadn’t solved…which was to file for “trade dress” protection on the iconic features of the tin itself.  Countless imitators had appeared on the market, and there was no mechanism to effectively enforce on those creating similarly designed tins clearly inspired by the Louis Sherry tin.  How do you protect a product’s design that has been a centerpiece to a company for more than a 100 years?

A specialized type of trademark filing, figuring out a solution required copious amounts of research, social proof of what made the box distinct, and interviews with industry professionals who vouched for the tin.

The Wilson Dutra team worked closely with Louis Sherry to protect the tin and ultimately received an incredibly rare trade dress registration for the iconic tin design.  This required remarkable coordination, planning, and strategy to pull off.

Some might say the trade dress registration was decades in the making!

Protection Granted: Trade Dress Registration