Far East Brokers

For over 40 years, Far East Brokers and Consultants, Inc. (Far East Brokers) has distinguished itself as the leading seasonal general merchandise importer in the US supermarket industry. Far East Brokers prides itself on its simple, transparent, full-service experience that is not found anywhere else. Working with the best manufacturers, Far East Brokers products exceed international standards and consumer needs.

As a company grows with such momentum, their branding and intellectual property become more complex and involved. In fact, Far East Brokers managed to cultivate a trademark portfolio of over 20 categories throughout its journey. With any expansion, more help is needed to manage what a company already has, cultivate what is already there, and make sure brands are still protected as they expand and create new identities while ensuring that these are used consistently over a large portfolio. Beyond that, there’s a need to consistently check to see what is still being used and what isn’t, as new brands give way, and older brands are put on a shelf for (maybe) another day.

Working closely with the Far East Brokers team, Wilson Dutra did a deep dive into Far East Brokers’ branding history, reclaiming some legacy brands while also ensuring the portfolio was in tip-top shape for the future.

Protection Granted: Trademark Portfolio Audit & Upkeep, 5+ Trademark Registrations, 5+ Trademark Renewals