1954 By BD

Blended Designs

Blended Designs is a 100% black-owned family business that started in Jacksonville, FL when the founder (Casey Kelley) discovered that only 2% of all backpacks represent people of color. They create and sell products with a positive message meant to elevate, educate, and empower the community. They were featured on ABC’s the View show, Essence, and were featured on Shark Tank.

With a grand vision of what the brand could become, they invested quickly in their intellectual property. They sought to protect individual brands within the Blended Designs family, like the 1954 clothing line, while also seeking to protect the characters on the backpacks they created through copyright protection. The Wilson Dutra team took time to understand their overall vision and goals before formulating an intellectual property action plan.

If you would like to hear more about the journey from Blended Designs themselves, check out this video!

Protection Granted: 7+ Trademark Registrations; Copyright Protection