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Intellectual Property Licensing: What You Need to Know

If you own intellectual property (IP)—such as patented inventions, trademarked names, or branded logos—you understand how valuable that property is. Along with promoting innovation and economic growth, intellectual property can also provide legal protection and....
What happens when a patent expires? Blog header for Wilson Dutra Innovation Law.

What Happens When Your Patent Runs Out?

A patent is designed to protect your intellectual property rights – but only for so long. U.S. patent protection will expire after a certain number of years depending on the type of patent and the....
What are trademarks

Protecting Your Brand: Trademarks Explained

Why Trademark?  Do you care about your brand’s reputation? Do you know how to protect your business’ slogan, name, or logo? Establishing a recognizable brand is vital to entrepreneurial and business success, and protecting that....

Who Can Own the “Queen of Christmas”?

All I Want For Christmas is a Trademark Can someone own the word Christmas?  Is “Queen of Christmas” a protectable brand name?  How, exactly, does a superstar like Mariah Carey find herself in the middle....