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Various emojis

Emoji Law: Little Faces, Big Protections

A graphic designer pushes back from their desk, stares at the screen, and smiles, sure the emoji they’ve created is exactly what the client needs. The marketing agency’s creative director enthusiastically agrees: “Let’s start using....
Celebrating World IP Day

Encourage Young Innovators to Start Now

Innovation can come at any age. Within the last decade, a new generation of young inventors has made great strides in forging a better future. This year on World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day),....
Photo of Josephine Cochrane

Female Inventors Who Followed Their Vision

This Women’s History Month, Wilson Dutra is celebrating some of the most groundbreaking female inventors in U.S. history. We know that for many aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs, it can be a challenge to bring your....
The Amazing Web of IP

The Amazing Web of IP

If you’ve visited our other blog posts, you probably know that intellectual property (IP) can be protected in many ways: via patent law, trademark law, copyright law, or some combination of these intellectual property regimes. ....