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How do I stand out with my trademark?

In an ever-growing, saturated market, it can be very difficult to stand out amongst your competitors. Outside of offering your quality products and/or services, there are a variety of ways to leverage your trademark rights to distinguish yourselves among competitors. The benefits of trademark protection are a positive feedback loop whereby the stronger your brand grows, the further your protection extends and vise versa.

For starters, it is helpful to choose a brand name that is unique in the industry to ensure that you can claim broader protection. Once a name is selected, using the TM symbol next to your brand puts the public on notice that you are claiming exclusive rights to the brand as it relates to your specific goods and/or services. If you receive a trademark registration, you may instead use the ®️ symbol. With these trademark protections in place, you may begin enforcing your mark against brands that are similar to your own. The more that you enforce your mark, the stronger it becomes. Likewise, the more popular your brand becomes, the stronger your brand becomes.

There's no shortage of inspiration on how to stand out with your brand - from choosing a unique name, partnering with other complementary brands to elevate both, or delivering a quality service or product, the possibilities are endless!

Author: Jacob Salit.

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