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Can I own an idea?

Ideas themselves are not typically protected by intellectual property laws.
Instead, it's the expression or implementation of those ideas that receive legal protection.
Legal protections can be achieved through patents, copyrights, and trademarks, which provide you with exclusive rights to use, distribute, and profit from your idea for a specified period.

For example, if you invent a new product, you can patent the specific design or technology behind it, preventing others from replicating it without your permission. Similarly, if you create original content like a book, song, or artwork, you can copyright it to prevent unauthorized copying or distribution.

You can't, however, own the general idea of "blockchain technology" - legal protection is much more nuanced and specific than that. However, within the realm of blockchain technology, specific innovations or implementations may be eligible for patent protection. For example, companies have patented various blockchain-related inventions such as specific consensus algorithms, data structures, encryption techniques, or applications built on top of blockchain networks. These innovations are subject to having minimum legal requirements met!

Author: Fernando Dutra.

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