Exploring Holiday Patents: Oh Patent Tree!

Oh Patent Tree! Oh Patent Tree! How lovely are your choices!

We are deep in the holiday season, so what better time to explore the amazing world of holiday patents?

Many times, patents are created in a vacuum, never destined to see the light of day…never destined to grace a store shelf, so to speak.  However, there are other magical patents that are there to make your holidays brighter (literally in some cases).  Let’s embark through the winter wonderland together.  Of course, before we dive in, let us share that we are not affiliated with any of the products below, and we receive nothing but joy if you purchase any of the goods!


Tree Nanny™

Christmas trees can be absolutely beautiful and light up an entire house with joy sometimes.

We love real ones, how they smell, how imperfect they are, and just everything about them!

Real ones do come with a few extra care requirements, though.  You need to water them – frequently and a lot.  The bigger the tree, the more watering required.  But when do you water?  How do you water?

It starts a fun game of "when was the last time I watered the tree?" followed by "who is going to crawl under the tree next?"

Well, look no further, the “Trunk mounted Christmas tree water level measuring and alarm device” (otherwise known as the Tree Nanny) is here to save the day!  You attach one part of the device to the bottom of the tree, so the sensor will know whether there is sufficient water.  Once it detects low water, it sings!  Yes, not an annoying alarm, but a delightful carol!  The other bonus feature, which is not patent protected, is this cup that you can hang from a tree branch at a reasonable watering height.  The cup is attached to a simple tube that you direct into the base of the tree.  This makes watering so much easier.

We can go into a whole separate blog about what is and is not covered in this patent – if there is any interest out there, let us know!

How do we know that the device makes knowing when to water a tree easier?

We actually bought one a few years ago.

A fun purchase and the watering tube was probably our favorite part about it.



Holiday lights are a December staple across the world, but figuring out ways to put up the lights is a personal journey.  Some will use nails, some will use glue, some will hope the wind doesn’t blow them off, and still others will use staples.  So many options.  Here’s a new one – magnets!

A Magnetic Light Feature allows you to string your lights without damaging the home infrastructure.  This easy-install product comes from Litenetics and is really quite the game changer.  We use it to decorate our front door each season…and the lights are soooo bright!


3D Bake™

Here is one for any holiday, and one that we have not been able to try out.  It is the recently patented “Baking pan with interchangeable embossed designs” that allows you to bake a design directly into the cake while baking.  This handy kitchen item is brought to you by Wilkinson China (invented by Ian Wilkinson, who seems to be closely tied to the 130 year legacy of the company).

As a note, we haven’t been able to try this awesome product out because, according to their LinkedIn page, they may still be on the lookout for their first retailer to carry it.  We wish them the best of luck because the Wilson Dutra would love a product that makes us look like baking pros!


I feel it in my fingers, feel it in my toes…Patents are all around us, and so the feeling grows!

As you can see, even with this tiny sampling, patents really are all around us.  So, as you are out and about, doing your holiday shopping, decorating, and cooking, take note of any “patent pending” or “patented” statuses on the labels and websites you are perusing.  You could be well on your way to purchasing or using an amazing patented holiday product!