Celebrating World IP Day

Encourage Young Innovators to Start Now

Innovation can come at any age. Within the last decade, a new generation of young inventors has made great strides in forging a better future. This year on World Intellectual Property Day (World IP Day), inventors and educators all around the globe will take a moment to recognize the importance of fostering creativity for young minds and wise innovators.

While World IP Day falls on April 26, there are many ways you can help young innovators pursue their vision all year long. Learn more about how to protect your young innovator’s intellectual property, and why it’s important to do so.

Celebrating Young Innovators: World IP Day 2022

Young inventors and entrepreneurs are skilled at finding ways to support a sustainable future. This day marks the opportunity for these young people to learn more about how intellectual property rights can help their goals, further their ideas, and positively impact the world.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is shining light on some hard-working young change-makers across the world in various innovation categories. This year, these spotlighted entrepreneurs are making great strides in one of the following categories: Environment, Health, Communications, Creatives, and Research.

Here are some of the young innovators WIPO is recognizing this year.

Kazumi Muraki invented the world’s smallest carbon capture machine to help clean up the environment at the press of a button.

Neeam Al Harrasi is tackling plastic pollution with bioplastics at only 14 years old.

Rebekah Dorminy, a student inventor from the U.S., is improving healthcare for people who are immobile or unable to communicate.

How to Support Young Inventors

No matter how young a person is, they are capable of creating something worthy of a patent or trademark. It is never too early to invest in the future of a young person. Parents, teachers, and mentors can assist young inventors by investing in their passion, and inspiring them to learn more about pursuing intellectual property protection.

If you are a parent or a loved one of a young inventor, here are some ways to support their passion:

Enroll your student in a school for the arts or sciences, like River City Science Academy or Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Encourage their participation in education programs at museums, such as Discovery Camps at the Jacksonville Museum of Science & History. Educate them on intellectual property rights.

This new wave of inventors depends on both personal and legal support to protect their ideas. Not sure where to start? Take a look at the basics here, and then contact an intellectual property attorney:

A patent grants someone the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling their innovation. If your young innovator has invented a product, it may be time to file for a patent. Just remember that there are hard cut-offs for protecting inventions if they have been publicly disclosed for more than a year.

A trademark provides brand protection for logos, interesting names, and slogans. Sound like your innovator’s creation? Consider filing for a trademark today.

Do you think your child or loved one has created something that could be protected, but you’re not sure? An IP evaluation can help to sort through your opportunities.

Why You Should Protect Your Intellectual Property

Innovation can come at any age or stage of our lives. Once you have a great vision, it’s time to start your intellectual property journey. At Wilson Dutra, we know just how time-sensitive this journey can be. Pursuing a trademark or patent is a lengthy process, so it’s important to get started as soon as possible.

This process can seem daunting at first, but by working with the right intellectual property attorney, you can relax knowing we have your back every step of the way. Celebrate World IP Day and your child’s creativity by securing their future with intellectual property protection. Contact the trademark and patent attorneys at Wilson Dutra to protect your own or your child’s next big idea.