5 patents to make your Valentine’s day full of love

Love is in the air!  Celebrate this Valentine's Day with Wilson Dutra and these 5 Valentine’s Day related patents and patent applications. We’ve put together 5 patents and patent applications to help you find Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s season. Or should we say Cupid’s … patent?


1. Love Box US 4,194,629

This US patent issued in 1980 is the perfect gift to give a loved one to show your appreciation this Valentine's Day.  This Love Box is described as “A box for use as a token between lovers for assuring their love to each other; the box including an instruction sheet that states the box is filled with love, and no matter how often it is opened, it can never be emptied; and to get a little love, the box should be opened for a short time, while to receive all the person's love it should be left open all the time.”

We think we can all agree that the world would be a better, kinder place if more Love Boxes made their way into our lives!



2. Heart Shaped Diamond Cut Having Hearts and Arrows Pattern US 8,353,181

The perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day is this heart shaped diamond described in US Patent 8,353,181. This patent describes the method of shaping a diamond into the iconic heart shape that anyone would love to receive. Maybe your diamond cut makes use of this patent?



3. Love Adventure Board Game US 9,636,570 B2

Step right up!  Will you roll the dice on love?

This patented board game is designed to encourage your relationships to grow stronger through game play. This US Patent describes the game as:
“A game designed to promote communication and encourage partners to build stronger relationships. The game includes a game board, dice, game pieces, skill connector pieces, love chips, friendship gems, and instructional game cards. The game board includes a track having spaces identifying relationship skills of compromise, independence, intimacy, and support. The track also includes spaces identifying reflective life skills of love, reignite, encourage, night-out and doghouse.



4. Method and Apparatus for Finding Love US 2003/0083544 A1

If you’re having trouble finding love this Valentine’s Day, this patent application might be perfect for you. US Patent Application US 2003/0083544 A1 is described as:
“An apparatus is presented which, carried by or embedded in a lonely or socially inept individual, communicates with like devices in such a way as to divine the likelihood of attraction due to relative sexual, social, intellectual or spiritual interests of the bearers. It may either be programmed explicitly by a trusted body, or suspect compatibility by observing and mining patterns of behavior, environment and physiologi­cal response in the users of the said devices. The users are signaled or led to initial interaction in such a way as to maximize the likelihood of prolonged and deepened contact.”

While this patent application was eventually abandoned, we hope the inventor was able to help people find love through some other idea!


5. Method and Instrument for Proposing Marriage to an Individual US 2007/0078663 A1

This patent application is like none you’ve seen before, and certainly sets the bar extremely high for marriage proposals. This patent application is described as:
The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved method of proposing marriage to an individual. The method of proposing to an individual generally comprising the steps of meeting the individual; exchanging names with the indi­vidual; dating the individual (not necessary); drafting a government document having a proposal to marry the individual incorporated therein; and showing the government document to the individual. The government document may be a patent application. The patent application may claim the method by which the proposer will make a marriage proposal to the individual. The proposal could then use the method claimed in the patent application to propose to the individual. The patent application could be the actual marriage proposal.

The inventor of this application, Ryan Grace, practiced this method by then proposing marriage in the claims of his patent application stating :
"Ellie I've been in love with you for the last five years. I've known this since the day we met and the time we've spent together since that day has only made me realize this fact more. You have been by my side in every way a person could possibly hope, and I would like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you please marry me?"

While his patent application later went abandoned, we hope for nothing but success for Ryan and Ellie’s relationship!