1 Spark…and A Lot of Rain!

This past weekend (April 6 and 7) was One Spark – an idea fest meant for entrepreneurs to seek feedback and interest for their concepts and creations. One Spark’s goal is to foster an environment of creativity and innovation.

Wilson Dutra team at One Spark

Over 60 different creators had booths lined up in Daily’s Place with demonstration and pitches ready to show their stuff.Amongst the creators and vendors was the Wilson Dutra team. Not only were we one of the sponsors for this event,we walked around giving out intellectual property quiz questions with prizes!

While the weather on Saturday might have dimmed the spark, the winner’s excitement couldn’t be washed out by a little rain. The winners included:

Creator of the Year: Ollies – Ollies empowers and employs survivors of human trafficking to create handcrafted shoes, apparel, and bags.

Lifespark: Boss Helmet – Boss Helmet is a redesigned football helmet to reduce concussions.

Healthspark: Jax Cooking Studio – JAX Cooking Studio offers hands-on cooking experiences with nutrient-filled foods.

Techspark: Sympo – Sympo works like the linked for students and individuals to share their projects.

Worldspark: Ollies.

Mindspark: Jax Kids Mural Project – Provides creative opportunities for underserved youth through creative work in the community.

Spark Tank Winners:

1: Quick’rcare

2: Drybrella

3: Kids Can Code Jax

Congratulations to all the inventors and creators who attended One Spark 2018!